[ Elevate performance. End pollution. ]

Elevate performance.
End pollution.


EMPEL is the world’s first water-free dry fabric finish to deliver:

10x more water repellency

Enhanced breathability

Soft hand feel

Sustainable water-free process

Non-toxic clean chemistry

Transform your experience with EMPEL; the best performing, safest, and most sustainable fabric finishing technology.

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Molecular Water Protection

10X Premium Water Protection

In head to head severe rain testing, EMPEL Molecular Water Protection performs ten times better than the leading water repellent treatments. We endure the extremes of 6 hour hurricane rain chamber tests to make sure EMPEL won’t fail you in a hard rain.

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Enhanced Breathability

Breathable fabrics are more comfortable to wear because they keep the water out but let the air in. The EMPEL™ process does not coat fabrics with stiff chemistries or plastics. Our molecular process is uniformly bonded to each fiber to enhance the natural breathability of the fabric.

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Incredible Soft Touch

EMPEL protects each individual fiber with a soft and flexible polymer coating. The unique polymer chains contain flexible properties that prevent EMPEL treated fabrics from becoming stiff or loud. The result is an amazingly soft and luxurious touch next to your skin.

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Clean Chemistry / Water Free

EMPEL is independently tested and certified by Oeko-Tex® to meet or exceed global safety standards. The EMPEL water free process eliminates water pollution caused from fabric finishing.

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Better For Our Planet

Textile finishing generates 20% of the world’s freshwater pollution, making it the second largest water polluter in the world. EMPEL is the first dry textile finish to pollute NO WATER or use hazardous chemicals in fabric finishing. Our mission is to elevate human performance and protect the vitality of our planet.

EMPEL Molecular Water Protection in Action


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